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Monday, March 08, 2010

Cedar Creek and Salvation

The Second Freedom: Worship

Cedar Creek and Salvation

Hot, damp canvas
And a campfire.
Rocky soil underfoot from an Indiana creek bed.
The hell-fire glare of a Baptist
Revival Preacher wearing a black coat
Despite the Midwestern heat of September.

Perched on a striped cloth
Folding chair,
Dark eyes sizing me up,
He demands my faults lie
Open on the ground for all to see.
His worn boots kick at them
As I cry to the sky that I had led
A good life.

His hooked nose and
Scarred index finger
Single out the past pretense
Of my statement.
Reminding me that I still breathe,
And that I had lived for today not tomorrow.

Angrily, he throws his straw
Hat over his shoulder,
Onto a path to the woods.
A path to righteousness,
A path to life,
And says quietly, Go, and sin no more”.

Copyright Scott Sprunger 2010

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