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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thursday Night and the Baltimore Pike

Southern Pennsylvania,
The bricks of storefronts
From the Civil War radiate
Mid-day heat
Into the autumn evening.

Windows bathe
In the soft light
Of long bulbs in high places.
Calvary swords, moth eaten
Kepis, and dirty Confederate
Bills lounge
On green velvet waiting
For their buyers to be found.

Lifelong lovers,
Their silver hair shining,
Wait in line while chatting,
As a man in a red vest checks tickets
And grants them permission to board
A double decked bus
Painted white with scenes
Of struggle emblazoned on all sides.

A quiet wooden bench stands
At the base of the stairs
To the Wills house.
It guards the entrance
Of where Lincoln slept,
His address freshly written
For the souls and the survivors
Of three bloody days.

It’s here that I sit,
As night envelopes
The roof tops and crawls
To the streets
Slowly heading down the Baltimore Pike,
Bringing rest to the fields
Where the spirit of America sleeps
With its brothers that lie
Beneath red Pennsylvanian soil.


Dee said...

I love how I can close my eyes and have such a vivid account of what your words bring to life! I really enjoy reading your poetry! My kids enjoy it! You have started something amazing and I pray you keep doing it! Did you ever think to write about the disrespect you saw while you were there!

Scott Sprunger said...

Thanks Dee. I have found over the last year that I have become very observant and quiet when in settings like Gettysburg. I just take in the details, the sights, the sounds, the partial conversations....basically the music of the place.